hey stranger, what's your name?

i'm connie:
a bored graduate student with NO too much free time
i listen to rock music and i'm a francophile + russophile.

Oct 14

Lenin notecard 1985, artist A. Kitayev (buy on etsy)


Lenin notecard 1985, artist A. Kitayev (buy on etsy)

how do you tell a west europeanist apart from an eastern europeanist?

just mention Galicia.

ba dum tish! i’m here all day folks.

Oct 9

i will say that the intellectual environment has been very exciting and feeding off the energy of your classmates is one of the highlights of this program. we’re always learning new things from each other and the biggest difference from undergrad is this passion to learn.

for example, if someone’s proposal was accepted, then other people will ask to see the proposal to be able to learn from it.

Oct 6


So it has been officially a little under one month of graduate school. It has been awesome but you feel completely wiped from all the intellectual stimulation.

My day:

9-11am: Prepare for Russian by practising grammar, verbs and reading primary sources in Russian because i spent all weekend preparing for today’s seminars and the week’s readings.

11am-1pm: Attend Russian

1pm-2pm: Attend workshop on writing proposals (because the bane of your existence in grad school is trying to get people to give you money for your research)

2pm-4pm: Core seminar for my program

4pm until bed: prepare for tomorrow’s readings, and fit in some time to do research for two proposals and two other course essays.

May 28

so many recognizable faces in season 4!!

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